July 3, 2020

Samsung: How to Log into Apps on Your Phone with Saved Chrome Passwords

If you use Google Chrome on your computer, you’ve undoubtedly saved a ton of passwords since the browser always prompts you to. But Samsung by default uses their own password service on their phones, so you’ll have to change a setting if you want to use your Chrome passwords to log in to apps and websites on your Galaxy or Note.

How to Use Your Saved Chrome Passwords to Log into Apps on Your Galaxy

To use Chrome passwords on your Galaxy phone, just follow this Android Tips instruction:

1. Head to the Settings app > Tap 'General management' > Select 'Language & input.'

2. From there, hit 'Autofill service' > Tap the 'Autofill service' text itself (not the gear icon).

3. Now, set 'Google' as your default password service > Hit 'OK' to finish up.

Now, if you saved a password for a website in Chrome, and that website has an Android app, it’s easy to log in.

Just tap the user name field, then you’ll see a suggestion box with your user name. Tap it, then select the password field and do the same.

The credentials will auto-populate, so all you have to do after that is tap “Log In.” Even better, several apps, like Netflix and Spotify, will automatically log you in if you have your username and password saved in Google Chrome.

Source: GadgetHacks